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It's Always A Good Day For An Airbrush Tattoo

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos are by far the most realistic looking

​My colorful party tattoos are perfect for any party entertainment venue. Sticker tattoos, traditional face painting and messy henna

products cannot compare with the quick and fabulous results you get

from an Airbrush Tattoo Design

​Airbrush Entertainment caters to all age groups .

Children's party entertainment and family adult party entertinment

When i spray on an airbrush tattoo, it feels like a cool mist on your skin

Everyone  Loves  getting "tatted-up"

Where do you want you're airbrush tattoo?

 Airbrush Entertainment is  Professional, trustworthy, reliable and your

# 1 choice for the Best party entertainment in 

​Lake Havasu City, and surrounding communities


​Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Designs